Cutlery & Silverware Refurbishing

William Wright offer a comprehensive cutlery & silverware refurbishing service

William Wright’s refurbishing service is second to none. We work with clients in two ways.

It may be that your existing stock has been in service for many years and is starting to affect perceptions of your service or maybe your entire property is due to undergo refurbishment. This requires a short term project where we take away your existing stock, fully repair and refurbish it and return it to you in an agreed timescale.

Alternatively you may have an ongoing need for maintenance of your cutlery and silverware stock. If you have a large number of items on site, it’s likely that some of those pieces will need repairing at any one time. With this in mind, we have developed fixed term contracts to enable customers to control their budgets whilst at the same time maintain the highest standards for their property.

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William Wright are proud to work with a host of leading hotels and restaurants.


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